How discreet is your Agency?

Sexy Maids by Daven is a very discreet service. All our clients and Maids are more than aware of the level of discretion needed to ensure that this service continues to thrive. We always advice both our Clients and Maids that discretion vital in the this type of service.

What type of Maid Service is Sexy Maids by Daven?

Sexy Maids by Daven is a non-sexual maid service with lots of good looking and intelligent men and women for you to choose from. Whether it's for that maid service, important dinner date, business function, a trip to the theatre or purely for good company, we'll provide the perfect maid for any occasion!

Why should I choose Sexy Maids by Daven over an escort agency?

We have no hidden charges (all our fees are listed above).
No Registration fee.
No long contracts.
Very discreet.

Q: How will my maid arrive at my home or office?
A: One of our exotic maids will arrive at your home or office in an unmarked car wearing normal everyday clothes. She will have her outfit in a bag.

Q: Do you offer weekly or bi-weekly discounts?
A: After your first initial service we can offer discounts to dedicated clients.

Q: Will you actually clean my home or office or is this a novelty act?
A: Yes, If you schedule one of our maids for cleaning the they will actually professionally clean your home or office.

Q: Is this business legal?
A: Yes, this is perfectly legal. We provide domestic and entertainment services only and make that clear to our clients. We do not allow touching or sexual contact between our maids and our clients.

Q: Can I tip my maid?
A: Of course, it is up to you. If you have enjoyed your service and wish to give your maid a little extra they are sure to appreciate it. Tips are for the maid only and are not part of the pay to Barely Cleaning Services.

Q: Do you only have male clients?
A: No, there many couples and women who also enjoy women and men cleaning their homes either topless or nude. We do not cater to exclusively to men.

Q: Can I book more than one maid at a time?
Yes! If you have a large office or home, or just want the added pleasure of watching two or more of our exotic maids.

Q: Can I touch the maid or myself?
A: No, this is not allowed and if violated your cleaning service will be terminated with no refund.

Q: Is this an escort or massage service?
A: No, this is a cleaning and entertainment service. No sex, massages or touching is allowed or tolerated. DO NOT ask for sexual favors or sex from our maids or any of out staff. Doing so will forfeit your service and the payment will not be refunded.

Q: Can I take photos or videos?
A: NO, Video or photos are not allowed and if discovered may void the service and will forfeit the fees. The maid may allow a parting photo for a tip if she wants.